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KILEZA  is an Indie-Pop singer-songwriter and producer who calls the world home.


Born and raised in South Africa she’s lived and performed in Argentina, Canada,


and is now situated in Berlin, Germany. Her music reflects the influences of her travels,


a sound she would describe as psychedelic R&B, a blend of experimental electro, soul


and hip hop. Her themes a weathered bag of the stories she’s collected along the way.


 I just wanted to make music that  was similar to what I was listening to at the time; melancholic yet calming; the perfect solution for a cold, grey and stagnant winter. I was influenced by classical piano, and through osmosis, by Berlin’s insomnious electro scene; these songs are about growing up, re-incarnation, love lost, and the pain found in re-inventing one’s identity in a foreign land.







Dates TBA