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I read an article the other day that said in one way or the other "You are not special". It then went on to say, that the people in my generation generally ignore this sentiment and say to themselves, "hmmm interesting, but surely you're not talking about me! I'm special" I thought it was funny, and interesting, then chuckled to myself, "They're not talking about me though, I'm special!" At some point, upon some mild reflection, I discovered that they might be talking about someone like me. "Gasp!" One of the great things about the internet is that everyone gets to showcase what makes them great. I happen to be blessed with an incredible voice, for which I'm eternally grateful, years ago, people of my skill level and talent, were lauded and praised; but this is a different day, and the times they are a changing. The thing is, everyone is special and everyone is not that special. There is power in paradox, what is true is also untrue. Everyone, really does have something incredibly unique and special about them; and every life on this earth in one way or another is seeking acknowledgement, appreciation and to be valued. Truth be told, that is my idea of Utopia. A place where everyone gets to live their truth, and where we can all appreciate one another in perfect harmony, and it looks like moving in that direction. Maybe one day there will be no such thing as an insurance broker, unless there is someone out there who actually LOVES to do that." Some people just do have more luck and privilege than others, life is "unfair" in some ways and we are not all dealt the same cards. But today more than ever you have the chance to create your own luck. After many years of chasing my own tail, I've learned that, the real magic and joy of life is created in the small moments more than the big ones. I'm truly enjoying every step of my journey now and that's why I'm finding that things are going smoother, better and faster! The Hustle is alive, well and strong within me, and I'm enjoying every step. I'm especially enjoying the social media world and the ways in which I get to express myself in my own way, and every month there are fun new tools and apps; it is a wonderful time to be alive. So come along if you will, and follow me on my journey! See you on the interwebs! [icons size='fa-3x' custom_size='' icon='fa-instagram' type='circle' position='' border='yes' border_color='' icon_color='' background_color='' margin='' icon_animation='q_icon_animation' icon_animation_delay='3' link='' target='_self']    ...